2013-01-28 23:32:18 by Spatulot

Wow that last one was old

Facebook and Youtube

2012-01-04 13:30:13 by Spatulot

I've got both Facebook and YouTube accounts I use to send out information about what I'm doing musically. I thought I would link this accounts to here so I could maybe get some people to follow them so I am actually keeping the accounts updated for a reason.



Have a great 2012,


Facebook and Youtube


2011-08-23 18:34:18 by Spatulot

I'm working on a new song I hope to release on Halloween. Scream.MP3 is influenced by Smile.JPEG and The Ring. I'll add in samples as I continue to work on it that will explain what I'm going for. Keep an eye out for it.

DJ Spatulot



2010-06-10 20:03:02 by Spatulot

Hello again Newgrounds.

I guess I'm not unlucky

2009-02-26 20:52:14 by Spatulot

The hard drive wasn't the problem the fire wire was fucked

Wow I'm Unlucky

2008-08-11 21:32:35 by Spatulot

My external HD broke the other day with all my music in it I'm pissed

This Sucks

2008-05-12 20:14:50 by Spatulot

I'm am pretty mad. I cannot seem to make any more songs. I still have some old ones I can post but yeah.

Whats up

2008-03-27 21:00:54 by Spatulot

My music is finally to be posted on Newgrounds I have had most of my music finished two years ago and I haven't made anything new since last year. So I was bored and decided to put it on newgrounds

Whats up